Having spent years in male dominated sectors, I’ve come to realise that I prefer working with women.

There, I said it!

My mission is to empower and equip female entrepreneurs with the skills, confidence and tools to create their own profitable businesses and realise their ambitions.

I have over 20 years’ business experience, 17 of those in marketing, and during that time I have learnt, tried, tested, failed, got back up and tried again.

I have worked extremely hard to develop my skills and instincts for what works and what doesn’t, and the commercial marketing support I provide is both practical and easy to implement.

As you are here, you’ve probably already noticed that female entrepreneurs are changing the face of business, turning simple ideas into stunningly successful businesses, often set-up in such a way as to benefit from a more acceptable work/life balance.

I believe that all entrepreneurs should have access to cost-effective, actionable and, most importantly, on-demand marketing support, and this is exactly what I offer.

I give away loads of useful tips and tricks on my social media channels, blogs and regular FaceBook Live sessions. There are also more in-depth guides and workbooks to download, 1:1 mentoring sessions and much more.

I’m so excited that I get to focus my time and energies into helping fellow female entrepreneurs and I look forward to working with you.

All the very best,