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Using Instagram Stories for Business

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Have Instagram Stories become the new Website? I know I’m using mine that way now.

Using Stories for Business is a powerfully engaging way to share information about your products or services, values, testimonials, examples of work you’ve done… pretty much anything you share on your website you can now share on Stories.

In early 2017, Stories overtook Snapchat in audience size, and now they have over 300 million daily active users.

You can use Stories to share videos and images that don’t necessarily fit onto your grid, and Stories can stay live on your channel for as long as you want them to.

Here are my Top Three Tips on how to use Stories for Business:

Firstly take a look at your website or think about what information you need your audience to know. Check out my Highlight Stories (@opalmarketing) to see the types of information I’m sharing to get some inspo. Be creative. You can share videos, pre-designed creatives and quick updates via Stories so this affords much more freedom than your website ever could. Once you know what you’d like to share separate the information into Highlights, like About, Services, Kind Words etc.

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times: you NEED Canva! Use Canva to design little Highlight Covers, as this is where you need to move your Stories to keep them stored on your grid. The custom dimensions for Stories is 1080×1920. Select your brand colour as a background and add a little icon that symbolises what you will be sharing. These are your Covers. While you are in Canva design some content for your Stories, use the same background and write out your services, testimonials, about you etc. Keep it really brief and the text nice and big. Again, check out mine as a demonstration. Download, email to your phone (what a drag!), and post them as Stories.

This step is crucial – once you have posted all this good stuff as Stories you need to create them into Highlights so they stay on your grid until you change them. Post all your content as Stories, wait for them to load, then go back into the Covers first, click the little circled heart icon that says ‘highlights’ in the bottom right of your screen. Click the + to create a new Highlight. Your Cover will automatically appear in the circle. Now name your Highlight. Press Add. Once you have your Cover you can go through all your Stories and add them to their Highlight Cover.

It’s as simple as that!

If you’d like some help getting this set up I can do this for you for £100 – quick, easy, no fuss!

Let me know if you need help

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