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Most of us don’t have the luxury of a separate office in our house, especially when kids get involved!

I was kicked out of my office when our daughters arrived.  My office then moved to a space outside our bedroom, which then turned into my dressing area, and now my permanent space is a small room we did use as a dressing area/junk room.

The plans were to have the office in the attic but we thought financially it wasn’t the best option as this isn’t our forever home.  So I am now in the process of doing up our office and have spent ages planning and designing, more designing as its got to look aesthetically pleasing as well!

So my top tips are:-

Professional or DIY?

Decide if you are going to do this yourself or hire in professional help – are you a DIY’er, creative and/or do you have the time?

This is a crucial factor to consider before you jump in to make sure you get the best possible space you need for your business.

An Interior Designer or Home Stylist can actually save you money in the long run, as it avoids any costly mistakes and frees back some of that precious time we all don’t seem to have these days.

If you are keen to do this project yourself, Pinterest is a great place to start pinning office ideas.  This is one of the first things I ask my clients to do.  It gives me an idea of the style they are after and sometimes, if a client doesn’t really know what their style is, it helps them visualise how they would like it to look.

Planning Your Space

Decide where you want your office to be.

Choose a space that gives you the room to move as you need to carry out your work comfortably.  Look at other options if inside space doesn’t work such as your garage, shed or perhaps building an office in your garden.  Although this is initially a lot to pay out, it will give you the freedom you need, away from distractions in the home and also perfect if you have clients visiting or a place to hold meetings.

Even the smallest of spaces in your home can be used as a potential office space, with good space planning ideas.

They can be places such as alcoves:

Under the stairs:

Remember to think practically too – do you have enough sockets?   Can you eliminate noise whilst you are working?  Will you have glare on your screen from the sun?  Do you have suitable storage solutions?  Do you have a window for fresh air?

Storage Solutions

When planning your office you need to make sure you have the right amount of storage for your paperwork or for any items that you use in your business e.g if you craft.

I will cover on another Blog about how to de-clutter your filing systems and make best use of your storage, but for now I will show you some great storage ideas.

I am a big fan of having everything in boxes out of sight!  Hello OCD!!  I find too much clutter around my workspace very frustrating and I am not as productive.

These Box Files are perfect for invoices and paperwork:

Here is a great storage idea if you have a creative business.  Your tools are on hand but are visible.  Its neat and tidy and you can grab what you need immediately without rummaging around, which saves you time:

If you are short of space to have large filing cabinets and bookcases, shelves above the desk are a good alternative:

A Chalkboard Calendar can be placed on the wall to free up desk space from desk calendars and diaries.  It also gives you a good visual for what you need to get done that day to keep you focused:

Storage boxes and baskets keep all your bits neat and out of sight, avoiding any distractions and frustration, if you are anything like me:


The best bit, for me anyway, is the design … colours, furniture and accessories.  We need our offices space to be practical, but we also need it to be beautiful and pleasing to the eye.  If you walk into your office and love it, you immediately feel better about the task ahead.  If you walk into an office with paperwork laying all over, a dark miserable room, it’s going to put you in that frame of mind.

I love bright, light workspaces.  I love inspirational quotes to give me motivation and just a space that is bloody gorgeous! I like to throw in some texture with a few sheep skin rugs, plants & pretty pictures.  I want it to make me feel calm but energised to start the day – somewhere I love to spend my time.

As an entrepreneur you spend quite a lot of time in the office and you work bloody hard, so why shouldn’t you have a gorgeous space to work in!?

Here are some inspiration ideas:-

If you have any questions about designing your office, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Natalie xx

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